Mulch & Woodchipping

Tree lopping + chipper = garden mulch

Why not kill two birds with one stone.  You have trees that need lopping and gardens that need mulch.  You can save time and money by having us trim and wood chip your branches into garden mulch.  Why pay for mulch when you have it onsite already?  Why dump good tree branches when their energy can go back into your garden?

We can visit your property and give you a free quote to trim your tress and chip the branches into mulch.  You will see how easy it is to have your own mulch onsite ready to go.  We can leave the chip in a handy pile ready for you to use around your garden.  If you tree volume is too high or too low, we can take excess branches away with us or you can purchase extra woodchip from us.  This way you are sure you are getting quality, local woodchip.

Woodchips have some weight to them so are handy in the yard as they don’t blow away like some of the light bark products tend to do.  They help retain moisture in the soil and prevent weeds from growing.  They will eventually break down and in doing so become compost for your soil.  A win all round for nature and your garden.

We can supply commercial quantities for, schools, childcare and public spaces, so please contact us to let us know how much you need, where you need it and when.

Recycle your own trees into your own garden mulch. Call Wades Tree Services on 0421 700 742

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