Why Us

Why Wades is the best call you can make.

We have been looking after people’s yards and gardens for 20 years.  At Wades we understand the tree species in the area, which ones can become problems in the future and how to fix them.  When a storm comes we know which trees and branches are most likely to come down and which direction they will fall.  Experience counts.

We regularly visit Western and rural areas and are happy to look after remote clients.  If you are well out of town just call us and we can let you know when will be in the area or book you in for next time we visit.  It can be hard getting some services and it may be a little wait but if we say we can help you we will be there as soon as we can.

Our emergency tree services are well known around QLD and we travel when needed for storm work.  We can assess your property for potential storm damage and remove potential hazards before the next high wind.  We work with insurance companies on storm cleanup so you can be assured of our credentials and experience.

We provide discounts for pensioners so if you have a pension card please let us know so we can give you the best price possible.

For professional, reliable, tree services you can trust, call Wades Tree Services now on 0421 700 742

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