Stump Grinding

Don’t be stumped over what to do.

That pesky old tree stump can be gone in no time with Wades Tree Services.

Tree stumps look unsightly, can sprout new shoots and attract termites.  If you have an old stump, call us at Wades and we can quickly remove it.

Our stump grinder mulches up the stump and core root system in the ground so the mass is gone and won’t grow back again.  Trees are quite resourceful so many species, even after lopping to ground level, will spring back to life with new growth.  By removing the stump your problem is then gone for good.

Once removed you have your space back to put in turf, a new garden bed or a playground for the kids. Our stump grinding is a standalone service, so you don’t have to have trees removed by us to get your stumps ground.  Whether it’s one stump or 100 we are here to help solve your stump problem.

Whether you have a domestic property or commercial operation you are covered by our extensive experience and full insurance.

Let us remove that problem stump in no time.  For expert stump removal call Wades Tree Services on 0421 700 742

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