Woodchip & Mulch Supply

Recycling nature makes sense.

Trees need to be trimmed and often removed but dumping or burning them would be a waste.  At Wades Tree Services we like to recycle our waste into woodchip and mulch for your garden.  The life and energy that was in the living tree gets transferred into your living plants, continuing to help the environment.

We can provide this service at your place or you can just purchase woodchip direct from us.  The types of product we have and amount vary depending upon what work we are doing so best option is to contact us before commencing your landscape project.  We can then tell you what we have available and if it will work with what you are planning.

Woodchips have some weight to them so are handy in the yard as they don’t blow away like some of the light bark products tend to do.  They help retain moisture in the soil and prevent weeds from growing.  They will eventually break down and in doing so become compost for your soil.  A win all round for nature and your garden.

We can supply commercial quantities for schools, childcare and public spaces, so please contact us to let us know how much you need, where you need it and when.

Using woodchip on your gardens is the best recycling you can do. Call Wades Tree Services on 0421 700 742

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